The Reaction is a Dutch garageband that is inspired by Q65,
the Outsiders, the Doors, the Stooges and the Pretty Things.
You can describe their sound as raw sixties garage with ripping
vocals,banging drums, catchy riffs, throbbing bass and a haunting
philicorda organ.

The Reaction released a 10 inch titled “Action with The Reaction”.
All tracks on this record are original recordings.
Their second release was the 7 inch single “Go Wild”, which was written
as theme song for the anual Go Wild! festival. The killer track ‘Thunder” is
the b-side.

The band already played great shows in the Netherlands, Germany and
Belgium. The Reaction has finished last summer 2017 the recordings of their next full lenght
LP! This record will be released in the spring of 2018. Their will be a new single release in Februari 2018.

Go catch them live for a rousing experience full of dirty 60′s 70′s garagerock!

The Reaction:
Hugo van Dijken – Vocals
Jeroen Teunis – Guitars
Marc Dirks – Bass
Kees Chetouki – Drums
Franky “Fuzz” Lamberts – Philicorda organ, Sitar and Guitar

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